Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

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Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Cancer Hospital is delighted to partner with HealthLink to implement electronic referrals directly from your GP medical records application.

This will allow you to send e-referrals to clinics and services at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse efficiently and securely.

The link below will provide a how to guide for using HealthLink to send e-referrals to the following clinics:

-        Rapid Access Endoscopy Clinic

-        Medical Oncology

-        Radiation Oncology

-        Breast Clinic

-        Head & Neck Clinic

-        Gynaecological Clinic

-        Rapid Access Hysteroscopy Clinic

-        Gestational Trophoblastic Disease Clinic

-        Rapid Access Prostate Cancer Screening

-        Various Living Room Services (Integrative Care)

User Guides

Medical Director 3.16 and Above

Best Practice 1.85 (Lava) and Above

Genie Solutions 8.8 and Above

If you do not have any of these compatible EMRs, or you do not have HealthLink, please contact the HealthLink registrations team on 1300 1HLINK (45465) or and they will be able to assist with a HealthLink account free of charge, and access to the referral via the MyHealthLink Portal.  

Further Information about the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse can be obtained on the Lifehouse website.