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HealthLink SmartForms Technology
Share structured patient information with any other healthcare provider

HealthLink SmartForms technology enables any healthcare provider to electronically share information or refer a patient to any other healthcare provider or related service. Providers access a range of current smart forms from HealthLink’s secure server, have their EMR prepopulate a form using data held in the patient record and complete any additional information before HealthLink transmits the form to the intended recipient. The data is sent via multiple delivery mechanisms, according to the recipient system’s capabilities: 

  1. EMR (synchronous or asynchronous)
  2. Portal (synchronous)
  3. Facsimile (in the case of incompatible systems)

Thanks to the use of the Aduro specifications, forms can be updated and replaced very easily and cost effectively. Additionally, data from fields within a sender’s EMR are transmitted directly into the relevant fields within a recipient’s EMR.

HealthLink SmartForm Technology brochure


HealthLink Messaging Technology
Universally available, cost effective healthcare messaging

The HealthLink Messaging System (HMS) enables providers to send information securely to any number of databases and applications using HealthLink’s fully standards-compliant messaging interface. Utilising store and forward (asynchronous) technology, HealthLink stores messages centrally on its web based secure servers, removing the need for senders and recipients to be connected to the network simultaneously. Messages are forwarded on demand once the recipient’s system connects to the network. The HealthLink Messaging System is an ideal, guaranteed and cost effective way to transmit encrypted messages between healthcare provider organisations.

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Healthlink CareInsight Technology
Access vital patient information, where and when its needed

CareInsight is a browser-based query and response technology that retrieves and summarises information from the patient record, held at general practices and pharmacies, then presents it in real time. Clinicians can now query a patient’s medical history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With onsite patient consent and without the patient record ever leaving the general practice or pharmacy, CareInsight satisfies all privacy and security requirements. Regional healthcare providers can collaborate to define how they want to use CareInsight to suit their region’s specific needs. Especially useful in urgent care settings, CareInsight literally helps save lives on a regular basis.

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