SMD Commissioning for ePIP Purposes

1.  To enable your site for SMD commissioning follow the steps below. 

1.1  Ensure you have completed all steps for the Health Identifier Service Registration.  HI Registration checklist can be found here.
1.2  Register your site readiness for SMD Commissioning by emailing HealthLink at

2.  We will then configure your HealthLink service for SMD and notify you via email when your service is ready to go. Once the service is configured you must carry out the following:-

2.1  Install the practice's NASH certificate into the HealthLink client software installed at your site.  A tool to assist you with this process can be found here.
2.2  Send a test e-referral from your practice to yourself.  Your EMR vendor will be able to assist you with this process if you are not familiar with sending e-referrals from the Medical Records system. 
2.3  Notify HealthLink of the successful test via email so HealthLink can verify the successful loopback test.
2.4  HealthLink will then return by email your signed Commissioning Checklist.

 Last Updated 10/07/2013

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