Roads and Maritime Services

HealthLink in association with Roads and Maritime Services (New South Wales) has commenced development of the NSW Fitness to Drive Medical Assessment Form using an Aduro standard compliant HealthLink SmartForm.

The License Review Unit (LRU) of the Driver and Vehicle Administration (DVA) centre is responsible for operational administration of compliance, review and enforcement programs across a range of programs relating to older drivers and drivers with medical conditions.

The volume of medical reviews managed by Roads and Maritime Services has grown significantly in the recent past, and will continue to grow in the future.

The project has the following aims:

  • Improve RMS medical review process:
    • Digital medical assessment form that can be filled out online by medical practitioners including doctors, optometrists, physiotherapists, specialists etc. and electronically submitted to RMS in near real-time
    • Automate the assessment process by using business rules that are based on ‘Australian Fitness to Drive’ (AFTD) standards to update RMS systems. This will reduce the need for manual intervention and avoid issues e.g. human errors, inconsistencies etc.
    • Create a platform for One RMS – One Customer (One Medical Review)
  • Improve Customer experience related to medical reviews:
    • Quicker and more efficient process,
    • Faster turnaround time and no need to visit RMS registries or SNSW centres.
    • Timely follow-ups, and clear communication with customer
  • Improved road safety outcomes:
    • Customer details are more up to date and road users who are not medically fit to drive will be subject to enforcement actions within acceptable timelines.

Announcing the project the New South Wales Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay, stated:

"Gone are the archaic days where motorists had to visit a doctor and then laboriously submit their medical assessment by snail mail or in person at a registry or service centre."

"This digital service developed by HealthLink, means the 400,000 people who go through this process each year can now cross the visit into a registry or service centre off their to-do-list."

"The communication from doctor to the assessors will also be instant which means cases will be reviewed faster."

"Time is one of our most precious commodities in today’s busy world – so implementing a digital system which will save hours for hundreds of thousands of people is priceless."

The full text of The Hon. Duncan Gay's (MLC) press release can be read here.