RMS Lite 1.5 User Guide (v3.2)

RMS Lite is a web-based application that allows healthcare service providers the ability to manage the referral process within their organisation using a simplified interface.
The system is configurable to allow referrals to be segregated by groups or departments involved in processing the referral.

Individual referrals can be searched or groups of referrals can listed onscreen. User roles can be associated with a specific referral management step and a referral can be transitioned using site-configured pathways. All actions taken or notes made regarding a referral are available using shared progress and triage notes.

RMS Lite can be securely accessed using a computer with an internet browser, a pre-configured network access and a user account. The referral printing capability allows it to integrate with or support an existing paper-based workflow or it can be used to replace a paper based system.


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