Practice Tasks for Health Identifiers Service Prior To SMD Commissioning

Commissioning your site for SMD requires you to register and publish your organisation details in the Health Identifiers Service. Your site must also be linked to HealthLink as a Contracted Service Provider.

Please follow the checklist below.  For assistance with Health Identifier registration tasks please contact the HI service on 1300 361 457.  An online user guide for HPOS Online Identifiers Service can be found here.

  1. Organisation Details and HPI-O are published in the Health Provider Directory   The RO/OMO can enter this via HPOS in the e-health organisation section. The entry must be set to “Published” in the HPD section. 
  2. Publish the organisation's Linked Providers in the HPD.   The RO/OMO can enter this via HPOS under the e-health organisation section.  Note : Each Provider must have given their consent for publication in the HPD by completing and returning the form which can be downloaded from
  3. Publish the Endpoint Location Service address in the HPD for your organisation. 
    ELS Service Identity:
    ELS Service Address:
    Instructions for doing this can be downloaded here.
  4. Add HealthLink Limited with CSP organisation registration number of 8003639166674205 as a Contracted Service Provider under the CSP TAB in HPOS
    Instructions for doing this can be downloaded here.
    Only the RO can do this currently.  If the RO does not have access to HPOS please complete the CSP linkage form and return to DHS via Fax.  This form can be downloaded from
  5. You have received the site NASH certificate and PIC or Passphrase. This is the Site or Location Certificate, not an individual certificate.  The RO/OMO will need the PIC or passphrase and NASH certificate on disk for installation during SMD Commissioning.
  6. You have added the NASH Certificate and HI Service Certificates into your clinical system (For example: Best Practice, Genie, Zedmed, Medical Director, MedTech, Practix, Profile, etc). Your system vendor will have instructions to support this task or contact their Help Desk.

Once these tasks are successfully completed, email and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to commission your site.

Last Updated 25/07/2013