NATA Accreditation

HealthLink Secure Messaging enables you to meet the requirements for transmission of electronic reports. 

For Laboratories undergoing NATA Accreditation sections relating to information integrity and security are areas you will need to address.  Particularly ‘how your laboratory  can guarantee that when sending  reports to Dr's that there isn't any way that there can be any corruption at all and that no changes can be made to any report. 

The answers to this are a combination of the HealthLink security infrastructure and your own Lab System Vendor. Please read below and see attached. 

Q. Detail how the facility ensures the completeness, accuracy and integrity of electronic messages, including transmission of electronic reports (i.e. certainty that the message has not been altered during transmission). Ref Requirements for Information Communication (2007 Edition), NPAAC. 

 The attached document describes our security methods, technology and encryption.

Q. Detail how the facility ensures that electronic reports include the ISO 15189:2012 and FAD requirements for Reporting of Results, clauses 5.8, 5.9 and 5.10

This is a requirement of your Lab System Vendor to ensure the required fields/information are populated to the electronic report (HL7).  This can be reviewed in Message Testing with HealthLink to ensure that the information provided is displayed to the recipient as expected. 

HL7 message testing enables the Pathology Organisation to review and check compliance to the FAD Requirements for Reports of Results, clauses 5.8, 5.9 and 5.10.

A HealthLink message test report enables the visual review (evidence) of report attributes (5.8) to ensure any information normally included in a hardcopy report is included on the electronically transmitted version. Message testing also allows for the review of the preliminary/final reporting functionality. The release of results in respect to electronic generation and secure storage is the function of the Laboratory Information System. All electronic reports are downloaded in an encrypted format.

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