HealthLink 6.6.1 Guide

HealthLink 6.6.1 Guide

The HealthLink SIX Messaging System (HMS) is a messaging system which exchanges

electronic messages between health providers' computer systems. Using a common electronic

message exchange system means that health providers can quickly, easily and securely share

information about their patients.

The HMS Client can be used by any health provider organisation with a capable computer

system. Many General Practices, Hospitals, Accident and Emergency Clinics and Specialist

Surgeries are reducing their paper workload right now thanks to HMS.

In most cases the electronic message is created within the

to the recipient using their HealthLink EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) address. HealthLink

EDI accounts will store any messages addressed to their organisation. Using HealthLink at

their practice, the recipient will collect the

systems. The receiving system will display all newly received messages and sort them by

individual recipient. The recipient can process the message, and the information is securely

stored on their clinical system.

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