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Every day GPs use HealthLink’s secure systems to transfer patient information. With CareSelect, GPs can now use this same convenient process to search, find and refer a patient to the most suitable specialist, allied health or non-government organisation.

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How does CareSelect work?

CareSelect Search, Find, ReferCareSelect enables GPs to search by name, specialty or diagnosis to find the most suitable healthcare provider for their patient’s specific need. They can then create a comprehensive referral to that provider using patient information held in the GP’s electronic medical record system (EMR). This is done within a few seconds during the consultation and the referral can either be sent to the provider electronically via HealthLink’s secure systems or printed and faxed. A copy of the outgoing referral is saved into the patient record. 


Benefits to GPs

CareSelect is available as part of the standard HealthLink package and includes the following benefits:

Find the right specialist, allied health provider or non-government organisation

Using the familiar HealthLink system, CareSelect enables GPs to search for and find a provider based on their specific specialty, interests, skills, name, location and other criteria.

Better patient care

CareSelect gives GPs an unprecedented ability to find the right provider for their patient’s needs. The entire solution is fully integrated into the GP’s electronic medical record system (EMR), so making a referral works seamlessly with the GP’s normal workflow. A copy of the outgoing referral is saved back into the patient record.

Comprehensive referral information

Providing more comprehensive referral information, either electronically to compatible systems, Healthlink's online portal, or through print and fax, CareSelect ensures providers get the information they need up front (as currently occurs with HealthLink DHB referrals).

What search results look like

CareSelect provides GPs with a comprehensive view of available providers. Below is an example screenshot of the CareSelect level one search results, showing what a GP will see after entering relevant keywords. Every provider is eligible for a Proforma (see A), which details their core specialty, contact details and gives GPs the ability to create a HealthLink referral. Providers can also opt for a paid “Full Bio” (see B). This features a photo, logo, details about their various specialties, interests, qualifications, affiliations, languages and more.

CareSelect Search


Start utilising CareSelect today

GPs looking for healthcare providers across New Zealand, can find the most suitable care for their patients.

You can start using the new CareSelect when your HealthLink launch page looks like this.Launch Page v2


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