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Every day GPs use HealthLink’s secure systems to transfer patient information. With CareSelect, GPs can now use this same convenient process to search, find and refer a patient to the most suitable specialist, allied health or non-government organisation.

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How does CareSelect work?

CareSelect Search, Find, Replace

CareSelect enables GPs to search by name, specialty, interest or more to find the most suitable provider for their patient’s specific need. They can then create a comprehensive referral to that provider using patient information held in the GP’s electronic medical record system (EMR). This is done within a few seconds during the consultation and the referral can either be sent to the provider electronically via HealthLink’s secure systems or printed and faxed. A copy of the outgoing referral is saved into the patient record.


Benefits to specialists, NGOs and allied health

Be found by GPs

With most GPs already using HealthLink for their hospital referrals, CareSelect will quickly become the standard method for GPs to search, find and refer to health providers. With a complete biography (called a Full Bio), providers will be recognised for their expertise and capabilities in a way not previously possible.

Better patient care

CareSelect gives providers an unprecedented ability to emphasise their particular expertise at the moment a GP is making a referral. This means that a GP will more easily find the right specialist, allied health or NGO provider for their patient’s need.

Quality referrals

Specialists, allied health providers and NGOs can promote their skills, experience and interests so GPs send them the referrals they want. CareSelect referrals enable GPs to easily include relevant information by pre-populating from the patients’ electronic medical records (EMR).


How can health providers participate?

CareSelect Premium

CareSelect Proforma


Below is an example screenshot of the CareSelect level one search results. This is what a GP will see after entering relevant keywords into CareSelect. Note the differences between a Full Bio and a Proforma.

CareSelect Search



CareSelect Proforma

Standard: Proforma example


CareSelect Full Bio

Premium: Full Bio example


Take full advantage of CareSelect with a paid Full Bio

Contact HealthLink now to learn about our pricing options and how our Clinical Editor can help you create a Full Bio. 

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