CareInsight – Safer Emergency Care 24/7

HealthLink’s CareInsight gives ED and after hours clinicians the patient information they need, where and when they want it.


What Is CareInsight? 

CareInsight enables safer after hours care by providing authorised ED and after hours doctors and nurses access to up-to-date patient records, consisting of recent prescriptions, diagnoses and medical alerts. This is securely presented directly from the general practice, with onsite patient consent and without the need for frequent data extracts or storing information outside of the practice system. GPs are notified of all queries to the EMR (electronic medical record).


What Do ED & After Hours Clinicians See? 

Below is a screenshot of the information presented to ED clinicians once they have queried the patient record in the GP’s EMR system.

 care insight infographic

Rather than creating a separate data repository, CareInsight presents a useful and simple snapshot of the patient record in real time. This includes the patient’s       disease classifications, long-term conditions, prescriptions, allergies, immunisations and test results.

What About Patient Privacy?

Unlike most, if not all, other systems offering shared medical records around the world, CareInsight does not provide access to any form of regional repository or central database. CareInsight runs on GPs’ HealthLink servers so the medical record itself never leaves the practice. CareInsight ONLY allows access to a patient’s medical record if the requesting clinician has agreed this can happen and if the patient or next of kin has authorised this information to be requested from the practice or pharmacy. GPs are notified of any request for patient data from their practice.


CareInsight – How It Works 


It’s Easy & Free for GPs and Pharmacies To Participate

GPs and pharmacies play an essential role in maximising the benefits of CareInsight.  If you are not yet linked up to the CareInsight system in your region and you would like to participate at no cost, please contact HealthLink.  


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