Transferring the care of a patient from primary to secondary care is one of the most important and error-prone processes in the health system. Laborious, time-consuming and prone to error, always requiring extreme precision, the referrals process is one of the most difficult day-to-day healthcare processes to automate in any meaningful way.

HealthLink has created an eReferral system that is gaining widespread acclaim. Already used for more than 90% of referrals in certain regions, it is rapidly becoming the default option for GPs referring their patients to hospitals. Enabling referrers to select the appropriate referral form from a library of pre-defined forms, HealthLink eReferral automatically populates the referral from information held within the referrer’s electronic medical record (EMR) system. This dramatically improves GPs’ efficiency and ensures greater data integrity as the information is transferred from one system to another.

This video will show you eReferral form for the Auckland Region.

Auckland eReferrals Video