Winners Of Our Gourmet Lunch Competition - Congratulations!

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Thanks to everyone who sent in their ideas for blog articles for 2013, as part of our "Win a Gourmet Lunch" competition this week.   A $100 restaurant voucher is winding its way to each of the following winners as I write:

  • Judy Leishman, Practice Manager at Manly Medical Centre, would like to read more articles about updates in technology, comparisons between different systems, legislative requirements re health information and anything that would make her life easier in administration.
  • Jane Ireland from HealthShare suggests we write more in 2013 on primary and secondary integration, regional initiatives and innovative learning.
  • Dave Mitchell from Pegasus Health wants to read more about privacy with regards to shared care.
  • Rex Browne from Anne St Medical says it would be interesting for prospective cloud immigrants to know what cloud platforms support which HealthLink accessed services.

Happy Christmas!

Author: Tom Bowden

Date Published: 21.12.2012