White Cross Accident & Medical in Henderson Gears Up for CareInsight

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Westcare White Cross Accident and Medical Centre in Henderson is gearing up to take full advantage of HealthLink’s CareInsight service, which will allow the 24-hour walk-in centre to offer the highest level of excellence in patient care and management.  Their new Clinical Director, Dr Preggie Naicker, believes their use of CareInsight will be very broad, enabling the centre’s ten full time doctors and numerous part-timers to easily check patients’ immunisation histories, hospital records, tests and more. Preggie Whitecross lighter9

 Preggie explains, “Because we are a 24-hour service all GPs’ answerphones are redirected to our clinic after hours.  But currently we don’t have access to the GP information on the patient and sometimes we struggle to know what meds the patient is on, what medical problems they have, if they have any allergies and generally we just don’t know their medical history.  We can only go by what patients tell us so CareInsight will be really, really useful for us.”

He says, “We see lots of post-operative patients and often we have to refer patients back to hospital because we don’t know their medical background.  We can only find out by calling the hospital.  For example, for a lady with chest pain we may want to look at the hospital ECG to see if the changes we are seeing are normal.  CareInsight will save the lady a hospital admission.  It will allow us to view the hospital record in the practice’s EMR because previously the hospital discharge summary would have been sent to the medical practice.”

 “For every wound we need to know if a patient has had a tetanus shot – it’s very common.  But often patients don’t know when they last had a shot, so we always tell them to call the GP the following day to check.  CareInsight will make things so much easier for everyone because we will be able to check the patient’s immunisation history with them, then and there.”

 “I think it will save us doing a lot of tests and it will be especially beneficial for patients with multiple medications.”


If you are a West Auckland GP or pharmacy who is not yet linked up to CareInsight, and you would like to participate at no cost, please contact HealthLink now - Tel:  0800 288 887 or email us at   

Read more about CareInsight or download a brochure.

Author: Tom Bowden

Date Published: 25.09.2014