West Auckland CareInsight Pilot Live at Westgate Medical Centre & A & E

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Westgate Medical Centre in Fernhill, Massey services over 10,000 enrolled patients plus A & E patients from the greater Waitakere area.

Dr Richard Selkon, General Manager of Westgate, is now piloting HealthLink's CareInsight service. The information provided by CareInsight will be of vital importance, he says, in urgent situations where patients are brought in unconscious or with chest pain, for example, and can’t say what medications they are on.

Richard Selkon

 Richard believes that GPs shouldn’t be concerned about making patient information available.  He explains, “Patients receive better care if the treating doctors have the information available. The patient has to authorise access to it and we [GPs] are merely custodians of the information.  While GPs may be concerned how they have expressed themselves in clinical notes, CareInsight is not accessing that information.   You get the patient’s disease classifications, long term conditions, prescriptions, and you can filter it to a degree.  CareInsight will show if a person has had a tetanus booster, which is very useful, as well as a person’s recent test results.  It is wonderful that we can now look all of that up quickly.”

CareInsight provides a good and useful snapshot of the patient record.  Dr Selkon says, “CareInsight isn’t exhaustive but it’s easy to look at - simple.  I think it’s a wonderful system.”

Richard encourages other West Auckland practices to get on board the pilot if they haven’t already done so.  While Doctors are facing rising costs across IT and health, Dr Selkon notes, “it is great that there is no cost for GPs to participate in the CareInsight pilot."  

If you are a West Auckland GP or pharmacy who is not yet linked up to CareInsight, and you would like to participate, please contact HealthLink now - Tel:  0800 288 887 or email us at   

Read more about CareInsight or download a brochure.

Author: Tom Bowden

Date Published: 30.09.2014