How many secure digital messages are being exchanged in your region? And how could you help even more professionals avoid the pitfalls of paper?New Blog Entry

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HealthLink’s monthly Secure Messaging report proves valuable reading for PHNs. Apart from showing the number of secure messages exchanged, state by state, e.g. Western Australia (Perth North) 677, 406 vs Northern Territory 14, 657, it’s also a chance to see how many health professionals are avoiding the delays, inaccuracies and costs associated with paper-based systems.

A quick glance at Novembers "Secure Messaging Volume By All PHN Regions" report (attached) shows high usage among some regions, whereas others are still in the early stages of adoption. So why are so many switching to Secure Messaging? For hundreds of professionals, the evidence points to time and cost savings over paper-based processes coupled with seamless integration across more than 120 different clinical and IT systems. With more reliable, accurate and accessible information, practices are better able to mitigate risk and thereby increase patient safety. In short, using the right secure messaging technology allows health professionals to focus on what really matters - delivering quality patient care.

To help even more health professionals experience the benefits of secure messaging, recommend they contact for an obligation-free evaluation. J-C canexplain the various messaging service packages available and how these can be tailored to suit their specific needs.

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Author: Andrew Gowen & Carly Burns

Date Published: 12.12.2016