(video) HealthLink's CareInsight Service Now Rolled Out Across Northland

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Northland’s medical community is one of the most united medical communities in the country.  The Northlanders have a long history of working together to improve delivery of patient care and they are regularly at the forefront of any innovation.  Having a relatively sparse population spread over a number of centres, Northland has some interesting logistical challenges. Recently the decision was taken to select an After Hour/Emergency Department solution to meet Northland’s needs.  HealthLink’s CareInsight system was chosen.  Here are a few comments about the system from Chris Farrelly, Chief Executive of the Manaia PHO in Whangarei.

“HealthLink has contracted with the two Northland PHOs; Manaia and Te Tai Tokerau to install CareInsight throughout the district.  CareInsight has been installed in all but four of the 36 Northland-based General Practices. The entire implementation from first communication out to our practices to completed installs took ten weeks.

The Northland PHOs IT Manager sent the initial communication from the PHO to General Practices and asked for consent forms for participation to be sent back.  This was a good initiative (rather than having HealthLink send out the communications) as it was seen to be more personal coming from the PHOs which already have the trust relationship with each practice, so was easily contactable for any queries, etc.  As the consents came through these were emailed to the HealthLink project team who in turn contacted the practice to arrange a suitable time for installation."

IT Manager, Lisa Wickham says, “The Whangarei ED was the first user site to go live as users of the CareInsight system and I accompanied Lynn Taylor (DrInfo) on the morning of go-live to view the training process.  I was very impressed by Lynn’s training etiquette and very impressed with how easy the system is to use."

Chris Farrelly adds, "CareInsight is currently operating between General Practices, Whangarei Hospital ED and Pharmacy, White Cross Whangarei, and the Mid and Far North after hours centres.  The uptake at ED has been slow, but good in the other after hours centres.  It is our hope to now bring community pharmacy into the loop.”

The following graph shows the rapid uptake of CareInsight across Northland.

The following videos detail some of the experiences of ED clinicians using CareInsight to improve the delivery of emergency care.

Author: Tom Bowden

Date Published: 14.04.2013