Collaboration - The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts

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As Director of accessable Environmental Health Management Services, HealthLink and I have been working very closely together to develop innovative online forms solutions.  It has become a very effective working relationship. 

In today’s business world companies that collaborate and partner with like-minded organisations are seeing greater successes than those that choose to work alone, particularly if they are overly concerned about protecting intellectual property.  Within the New Zealand Health Sector it is important to bear this in mind as the best outcomes for clients almost always result from collaborative efforts among innovative partners. Three years ago accessable and HealthLink put this theory into practice and we haven’t looked back. We saw the opportunity to develop an online application system for Assessors in the community and worked together to develop the Online Catalogue Ordering system that is now commonly known as OCO. This system is now a national solution and has created new benchmarks for communication going forward.

Audiologists, MOH Assessors, ACC Case Managers and Assessors are able to connect to accessable through a dedicated website and complete client applications online in a secure environment. HealthLink had already adopted the HISO “Forms” standards so it was quickly recognised that these standards could be rolled out to other users within the health sector.

What Has Happened Since?

Within the areas of responsibility that accessable manages within its health sector contracts, the increase in use has been fantastic. More than 50% of applications are currently received through the new online system. The graphs below show the uptake in usage over the past year:

HealthLink accessable graphs

 The outcomes for clients are very positive:

  • It takes the accessable team less than two minutes to process an application;
  • This leads to faster delivery times to the client of the environmental management services needed;
  • There is an easier discharge process for Assessors knowing that the equipment will be delivered in a timely manner.

HealthLink is a proven systems integrator within health organisations nationally and the strong relationship with accessable creates a dynamic mix of industry knowledge and health sector awareness.

A Solution For Now and For the Future

Coming together, the two organisations have been able to analyse industry and health sector requirements better than we could have done on our own. We were able to recognise that what was needed was a software application that is flexible for future needs and reflects a complex-specific task rather than merely trying to bundle modular pieces together with modifications.

The OCO system links with both assessor groups nationally and the EMS provider, accessable, and already there has been much discussion about the positive benefits in the health sector. In turn, funders can leverage the industry knowledge that accessable has built in developing an IT solution within the health sector alongside the experience and expertise of our IT partner HealthLink.

accessable has already invested heavily in improving and updating its information systems for the 21st century using web-based products.  This move forward is a positive one, helping to make the work of assessors and accessable run more efficiently. All the while, as accessable moves forward, we are able to maintain the company’s core beliefs and focus on our key objectives – improving client outcomes.  The attached video highlights some of the achievements and values that accessable provides to our customers and clients.




Author: Allan Smith, accessable

Date Published: 28.05.2013