2012 HINZ Conference - See You There!

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We are now fast approaching the annual HINZ conference which is a major event on the New Zealand health informatics calendar.  This year we have a number of outstanding international speakers including:

  • Bill Pascal, Chief Information Officer of The Canadian Medical Association
  • Dr Claudia Pagliari, a world expert in Health Informatics governance from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Pirkko Kouri, Principal Lecturer in Health Care Technology, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Emma Hossack, CEO of Extensia Pty Ltd, Brisbane

We also have a tremendous line up of Australian speakers, locally produced papers and for the third year, the highly successful Clinicians’ Challenge.  The theme of this year’s conference is Health Informatics into Clinical Practice.

You can take a look at what is happening at the Health Informatics NZ website.

Attending HINZ is important.  It is the one event that everyone in the industry attends.  HINZ is the place to catch up with developments across the industry and to catch up with colleagues and even competitors.  Please get onto the HINZ website and take a look at what is on offer this year.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Author: Tom Bowden

Date Published: 02.10.2012