Australians - Are You PIP Ready for February 1st? HealthLink Is...

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As Australian GP Practices apply for eHealth Practice Incentive Payments (PIP) they will need compliant Secure Messaging software in place.  Healthlink is an eligible supplier of Secure Messaging Capability as listed on the NEHTA website.

The deadline for PIP applications for the first quarter incentive payments is rapidly approaching.  Requirement 2 of the PIP guidelines state that by 1st February 2013 the practice must;

1) Apply for a digital certificate for Secure Messaging (NASH PKI)
2) Have a standard compliant product (HealthLink HMS 6.6.3) or written commitment from a PIP eHealth Product Register for Secure Messaging that their listed product will be available to the practice in accordance with the timeline in the Commissioning Requirements for Secure Message Delivery
3) Have a written policy to encourage messaging use

HealthLink is Australia’s largest Secure Messaging Network and is a  standards compliant product providing your practice with the capability to both send and receive messages with other Health Care providers. With HealthLink’s HMS 6.6.3 already installed in Australian GP practices, GP sites will meet the requirements set out in the  eHealth PIP Incentive Guidelines.

Additionally by 1st August 2013 GP sites must meet the Commissioning Requirements for Secure Messaging.  HealthLink has been contacting sites to help complete PIP prerequisites (HPI-O, NASH certificates, CSP Link), test your secure messaging and provide you with compliance verification.

HealthLink will be able to provide you with a record of secure messaging to measure and assess your progress against the policy objective of increasing the use of sending and receiving secure electronic messages.

HealthLink continues to work with organisations and vendors across Australia in implementing compliant secure message exchange.  We have project managers, technical analysts and deployment teams ensuring these implementations work smoothly and effectively to improve clinical safety and patient outcomes.

To register your interest in Secure Messaging and receive your Secure Messaging Certification contact our Australian Help Desk on 1800 125 036 or email

Author: Geoff Sayer

Date Published: 31.01.2013