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What our staff say about working at HealthLink


My name is Hans Permana, a Software Engineer in HealthLink. I completed my Undergraduate study of Communication Engineering from RMIT University, Australia, followed by a PhD study specializing at Implantable Antenna Design at the same University, and finally joined HealthLink about a month ago.

During the interview process, I was given an impression that HealthLink is a growing company with a very promising market potential. As soon as I started working here, I found out that this is a professional company where each employee is treated as a member of a very multi-cultural family and is always given full support for self-improvement. My first month here was more like a time for me to adapt and to learn about HealthLink products as well as getting familiarized with development tools and environments. Various project or non-project related tasks have been assigned to me to accelerate my knowledge even more about: object oriented programming, build process, unit testing as well as third party software.

Overall, I am really grateful to be part of this company as I believe there are lots of opportunities for me to learn and to be involved in the company’s projects. Exciting times ahead!

Date Posted

19 September 2013